Monday, 16 June 2014

So long. Farewell. The German one. Goodbye.

Hello and goodbye.

Since LinkedIn have opened their publishing platform to me (and about a million others!!), I have decided to move my marketing musings over in order associate that content with my professional profile.

To keep the blogger juices flowing over in this neck of the wood, I've started a new daily (lol) journal of sorts. If you'd like to take a look its here -

Of course, as fickle as the world is, there is nothing to stop LinkedIn closing this feature (or start charging for it) so I may be back.

Thanks for reading. Might see you later ;)

Get it right. Principle 3: Plan

After a much longer than expected break from this run (sorry 'bout that), welcome to Part 3 of my "Get it Right" mini-series. These principles designed to help me save time, improve efficiencies and above all, protect investment when running a web project

The second instalment in this series looked at using data to inform you decision making.

Friday, 13 June 2014

5 Ways to Avoid Anti-Social Networking and Become a Better Person

I have a theory.

The brightest minds of Generation Y were also those that suffered a certain social awkwardness (of which I myself suffer at times). Preyed on by Alpha groups, they were bullied, taunted and excluded from social events - parties, movies, dates. As a result of this exclusion they retreated into their own private worlds. Worlds of gaming and numbers and comics and coding and hacking. The time dedicated to these pastimes, and the skills developed, led to the development of technology that makes it easier for the socially awkward to socialise. And BOOM! you have the birth of social networks.