Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Are you kissing ass or kicking it?

Do you walk into work every day with a mind-set of abject servitude; or do you walk in with your head held high, ready to take on the day and make things better?

Do you have an opinion, stance or way of working that you honour; or do you play the "Yes Man" game? Do you work for a company; or do you work with them? Do you kick ass... or kiss it?

These are important questions to ask. If you find yourself regularly coasting on instruction, playing it safe and bowing down to authority you could be missing a trick.

The shocking truth of it is that managers (yours included) – are human beings... just like you. And like you they are capable of being short-sighted, of making mistakes, of not seeing the full picture and of getting things wrong.

The defining factor here is that a good manager should be aware of this. They shouldn't see themselves as infallible. They should also look to employ people with opinions, stances and ways of working that they honour. Good managers will actively encourage their employees to work with them to make things better and collectively kick ass.

By entering into conversations with an opinion that you’re prepared to stand by, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to develop professionally. You’re working on your debating skills, learning how to make a case and articulate your position. Done right and you’re also defining yourself as a knowledgeable and forthright member of the team. A go-getter. A leader.

Ask yourself. Are you kicking ass today or kissing it? And if the latter, what would happen if you started fighting the good fight and make your case for a better way of working?

So I implore you. No longer kiss it. Go forth and kick it. Just do it right and don’t become a pain in it.

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