Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Marketing - The Joined Up Approach

Having a joined up approach for your marketing efforts has never been so important. Lines between the offline and online worlds are becoming progressively blurry. The overlap between paid, earned and owned media is increasing to the point of total union.

If your efforts aren't already aligned, cracks in your approach are going to become more and more apparent. You'll also be missing out on the massive opportunity presented to catapult you campaigns to new audiences - gaining reach simply by presenting your offering in an omnipresent manner.

Challenges for big business.

The challenged faced by many big businesses is that they often work on a cost centre model, meaning every penny spent has to be assigned to a department or office. This is fine when you're talking about office furniture or tea and coffee making facilities. But when you're trying to promote the brand as a single entity with a joined up message and a single voice... the internal challenges can become a little trying. There's a mismatch. A barrier that prevents agility.

Opportunities for small business.

The good news for small business is that, being more agile in nature, adapting to change and working in a joined up fashion isn't as much of a shock to the system. You're probably already doing it to some extent. The question is, can you make more of an effort to generate even more coverage. For example:

  • Can a collection of your blogged musings be repurposed into a guide?
  • Would this guide work well printed and given to prospects as proof of your expertise?
  • Can your guide be marketed as a giveaway to;
    • increase your contact lists; or 
    • win reviews from existing customers?
  • Can said guide earn links by extending it's reach through paid channels, getting it in front on new audiences?
How else can you extend the reach of your marketing efforts. Questions like these, and more, are ones you should be asking yourself every time you invest in promoting your business.